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Mesa Product Design
Mesa was featured by CNN Money magazine in an article highlighting the diversification of company product offerings.
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Terry Segerberg, Mesa Industries CEO,
was recently interviewed on the Goering Center Report.
the Backbone of America
Small manufacturing companies like Mesa are the backbone of the American economy. Mesa Industries is the parent company of four operating divisions representing a wide range of industries. The Mesa division engineers and manufactures products, such as emission controls and industrial water drains for oil companies. The oldest of the divisions, Airplaco Equipment Company, was formed in 1946 and acquired by Mesa Industries in the late 1970s. Airplaco specializes in concrete machinery such as grouting pumps and shotcrete equipment. Gunite Supply & Equipment, a closely related partner to the Airplaco division, specializes in parts and accessories for the dry-mix shotcrete, aka Gunite material delivery industry. Mesa's newest division, Mesa Laminated Fabrics, serves the custom laminated fabrics market by offering a range of industrial fabrics for mining, medical, military, petroleum and other industries.
A Family Company
Mesa is a family business now in its second generation with CEO Terry Segerberg. Mesa's family ownership and the personal touch that goes along with it stretches to all its employees. Every employee has a voice at Mesa in shaping the direction of the company. Employees are encouraged to express their new ideas for products, new methods and ways to make the company more efficient. This goes for employees working in the sales office, accounting dept and manufacturing plant.
Strategic Planning
Mesa makes use of Strategic Planning to thoroughly explore and power its business decisions with a broad range of input from all levels of its employees. These planning groups make sure every part of the company is represented. A group of employees that would not normally work together have a chance to collaborate on issues affecting the business. Employees work together as a team to first understand each other's personalities before even beginning to tackle any of the issues at hand. Once the groups have completed this personality assessment stage , they continue by defining an issue to address and then work together through a series of exercises to arrive at either a strategic direction of a tactical approach to the issue.
Supply Chain
Mesa Industries appreciates the value that every one of our Suppliers provides; each helping Mesa provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. Mesa Industry’s Supply Chain team is dedicated to providing the most effective and streamlined procurement processes while maintaining a fair and competitive environment. Mesa Industries encourages all Suppliers to read our Terms and Conditions as well as our General Supplier Requirements.

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General Supplier Requirements
Mesa Industries Incorporated Terms and Conditions

Questions regarding Mesa Industry’s Terms and Conditions, Supplier Requirements, or how to
become an approved supplier can be sent to purchasing@mesa-ind.net.
History of Quality
Since 1967, Mesa has produced quality products for the petroleum and construction industries worldwide. The desire to meet the needs of specialized industries drove Mesa's founder, Ray Sexton, to form a diverse manufacturing organization. Four divisions operate in a mutually supporting environment to manufacture products that are built to perform. Mesa combines tried-and-true methods and the latest engineering innovations.
Product Highlight
The PumpMaster Pro Model PG-25 grout pump is an innovative block fill pump for the masonry block fill pumping industry. The PumpMaster PG-25 includes many outstanding features for grout pumping. The PG-25 Masonry Block Fill Grout Pump
Model PG-25 is the ideal machine for block fill and pea rock applications, pressure grouting, void filling and pea-gravel pumping. The PumpMaster is field-tested and approved by hundreds of contractors. Each pump is manufactured from over 60 years of manufacturing and on-the-job experience. Other applications for the PG-25 grout pump include mudjacking, slabjacking, concrete raising, concrete leveling and concrete lifting.
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