Mesa Laminated Fabrics
Oil & Gas Industry
Gunite & Shotcrete
Shotcrete, Grout & Mining
Technical Textiles
Products for oil and gas Aboveground storage tanks
Machinery, material hose, placement nozzles and tools
Machinery for shotcreting, masonry, grouting and mines
Urethane and other specialty fabrics for various industries
Mesa Engineered Tank Products (ETP) serves the Oil & Gas Industry by offering a range of emission controls that reduce pollution from the environment. These emission controls seal in hydrocarbon vapors on storage tanks found in refineries and gasoline storage terminals. To help meet the challenges faced by operation of these oversize gasoline storage vessels, Mesa ETP manufactures flexible conduit systems that allow tank owners to drain rain water, remove oil or move chemicals to and from the storage tanks for efficient operations.
Gunite Supply & Equipment Company manufactures specialized construction equipment for spraying concrete. This process, known as shotcrete or gunite involves placing concrete on a surface at a high velocity with a gunite machine. Gunite Supply manufactures batch plants, used for mixing material for the gunite machines. A range of concrete finishing tools such as screeds, spray nozzles, material delivery hose are offered to round out the complete product line for gunite and shotcrete contractors.
AIRPLACO manufactures equipment for construction or maintenance contractors who are involved in shotcrete, grouting, concrete lifting, masonry and plaster/stucco. The product line includes smaller hand operated grouting equipment, gas powered pumping machinery, concrete trailer pumps, shotcrete machinery, masonry grouting pumps, plaster spraying equipment and stucco pumping equipment. AIRPLACO also provides equipment for road and highway departments to repair our nation's highways.
Mesa Fabrics manufactures laminated urethanes and other textiles that make up the raw products for other end product manufacturing, including emission control products manufactured by the Mesa division. In addition, MLF produces materials for a diverse group of industries such as military, medical, petrochemical, construction, mining, fashion, toys & games, agriculture and more. MLF offers a standard product line of materials in specifications for abrasion, UV, static and flame resistance. By also meeting the need for custom materials, MLF is constantly evolving.