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Emissions = Pollution
Helping oil & gas companies protect the environment has been a core part of Mesa's business since its founding in 1967. Mesa provides solutions to help prevent emissions from oil and gas storage tanks. By providing a means of sealing in evaporating gasses within these tanks, Mesa products are keeping thousands of tons of excessive hydrocarbon vapors from polluting our air every year. Not only are these pollution controls in use throughout the United States but increasingly they are used in developing countries around the world to reduce the overall level of greenhouse gasses that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere.

Oil and gas storage tanks, or Aboveground storage tanks, are in use at refineries, storage terminals, airports and chemical processing plants. Liquids such as gasoline, crude oil, benzene, ethanol, diesel or jet fuel are stored in tanks at these facilities. If left unprotected harmful vapors will escape from these tank as vapors result from evaporation of the liquid. Mesa's line of emission controls for these tanks include vapor seals for reducing vapors on tank roofs, and gas sealing covers for encasing various components within the tank, such as the gauge pole, roof support leg and other areas where the vapors could escape from within the storage tank.

Another line of Mesa emission control products are designed to contain vapors in a separate holding tank within the facility. These products known as Vapor Bladders or gas holder diaphragms operate similar to a balloon, inflating with gases that are captured during tanker truck loading and unloading, for example.

Made in the USA
Mesa's emission control seals are made in the USA and their quality is assured through a Quality Management System (QMS). The raw materials for these seals are produced at Mesa's west coast factory in Monrovia, CA. These materials, typically flexible polyurethanes, are made into large rolls of material which can be stored or shipped to other Mesa warehouses. In some cases, these materials are shipped to other end product manufactures who incorporate Mesa's material into their own designs used in a variety of industries. Fabrication of Mesa's emission control seals takes place at both the west coast facility and midwest factory in Cincinnati, Ohio. Skilled staff members at both locations construct Mesa emission control products, consistently outputting a quality solution for the oil and gas industry efforts to maintain a clean environment.
Emission Controls
Mesa Roof Leg Boot
Storage Tank Leg Seal
Mesa Guidepole cover
Storage Tank Pole Cover
Mesa Vapor Diaphagm
Vapor Collection Diaphragm