Airplaco Pro-Cretor
The Pro-Cretor is an all-in-one shotcrete and grouting pump with mixer. This machine is the new "Mud jack" for use by DOTs, counties and road dept.
Cyclone Gunite Machine
The Cyclone is a dry-mix gunite machine used for concrete repair on tunnel projects and bridge renovations.
Equipment & Training
Mesa is helping to revitalize our nations bridges and roadways by offering equipment for concrete resurfacing and roadway leveling. In addition to offering specialized machinery for these types of projects, Mesa's AIRPLACO division provides training programs on the use of equipment. Typically this training involves startup instruction for State Departments of Transportation, County road maintenance crews, city Public Works departments, municipalities, other government maintenance departments and concrete contractors who are prequalified for government projects.
In 2009, President Obama and Transportation Secretary LaHood have announced the allocation of $27 billion dollars of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds that are to be headed to states to provide critical repairs to our nation’s crumbling roads, bridges and other infrastructure related projects. Parts of the allocation are to be set aside to make sure that urban, suburban and rural areas alike also receive a share of these funds.
Infrastructure related repair/restoration and new construction applications include bridges, streets, highways, sidewalks, sewer systems, tunnels and canals.

Project of main focus for Mesa's equipment:

  • Pavement Under sealing / Slabjacking (Repair)
  • Highway Dowel Bars Grouting (New Construction)
  • Cementitious Bonded Overlays (Repair and New Construction)
  • Bridge and Bridge Approaches Shotcreting / Grouting (Repair)
  • Slope Stabilization (Repair)
  • Repair and Lining Irrigation Ditches / Canals Repair)
  • Manhole Repair and Resealing (Repair)
  • Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk (Repair)
  • Foundation and Soil Building Site Stabilization
  • Compaction Grouting (New Construction).
  • Shaft, Well and Pipe Abandonment Fill (Repair)
  • Aquarium, Park and Zoo Structures

Bridge Repair Shotcrete
Concrete Repair Bridge
Many bridges throughout the United States are in need on renovation and repair. Much of this work involves resurfacing the concrete used in concrete columns, supports, embankments, approaches and other structural concrete elements used in the design of the bridge. Over time concrete on the bridges may deteriorate compromising the integrity of the structure. DOTs are increasingly specifying the shotcrete process for resurfacing of these bridges due to several advantages: no forms are needed with shotcrete, material and equipment costs are typically lower than other methods and most importantly the time involved. Shotcrete projects typically require much less time to complete than "form and pour" projects allowing the concrete to be ready for use much earlier. It is clear to see how the shotcrete process would be preferred for public roadways and bridges.
Bridge Repair with Shotcrete