Safety Training
Mesa holds monthly safety meetings during which employees receive continual training, reminders and tips to maintain a safe and productive workplace. Employees are challenged to answer questions following each meeting to demonstrate their ability to retain the safety information presented during each meeting. Other quizzes and learning aids are also used to reinforce the information.

Job Safety Analysis
Mesa maintains Job Safety Analysis (JSA) on all major work functions and regular tasks that are a part of the company's production department. These reports describe the best practices and guidelines necessary in completing any given task and help to ensure safety for the worker and coworkers alike.
Drug Free Workplace (DFWP)
To encourage a safe workplace for all Mesa employees, the company is enrolled in a DFWP through an outside provider. The provider holds onsite seminars to educate all employees on the dangers of using drugs, especially in the workplace. Other employees are deemed supervisors in the program and are responsible for participating in "refresher" courses to stay current on the methods used to deal with drug-related issues.
Smoking Cessation Program
Mesa's cessation program encourages employee health by helping them find the resources to quit. Mesa funds this program with an allowance offered on a lifetime basis. Employees are eligible for $500 to meet the expenses of an outside program designed to help them break this addiction.

Safety Council
Mesa is a member of the Greater Cincinnati Safety Council, which is part of a national organization devoted to protecting employers and employees.

The council covers a wide range of topics, such as ergonomics, drug legislation, OSHA record keeping, security technologies, global harmonization, repetitious Injuries, maximizing energy and aging.


Safety Program
Mesa has established a formal safety program throughout its facilities. Through a concerted effort between the Quality Control Manager and Human Resources Manager, employees can be assured that their safety and well-being has been carefully taken into consideration. With the establishment of the Company Safety Program, Mesa has taken more aggressive steps to ensure safe working conditions, such as forklift training certification, hazardous material certification, eye wash stations, emergency evacuation plans, employee attendance tracking and building maintenance. Any accidents are logged within the Safety Program. Staff are rewarded for each month and ultimately, each year during which no accidents occur. Each month without an accident, lunch is provided and prizes are raffled off to employees.

last update: 2014-02-27